Tips For Buying Philips Electronics In Singapore

Philips Electronics In Singapore

Philips electronics are world-renowned for its innovative design and engineering, as well as their superior quality and performance. However, this brand of electronics comes at a premium price in Singapore, making it out of reach to many consumers in the city-state. Here are tips to help you find Philips electronics in Singapore at affordable prices in Singapore:

1. Shop around

The first thing consumers should do before purchasing any item is to read the product specifications. This way, you can find out if the price is decent and consider other brands that offer the same item at a lower price (or even at no cost). In addition, reading the product content page can also prevent you from making a purchase if it’s not what you thought.

2. Look for deals like “2 buy 1 free” or “free gift”

Philips Electronics In Singapore

Consumers should look out for deals that allow them to buy two pieces and get one free, especially if they are from reputable brands. For example, a product like the Philips “Smart TV Plus” package, which is priced at SGD $1,000 and has a free gift worth SGD $3,000. The “free gift” could be a smart home device or other electronic products. You can buy the two-item package for just SGD $800 ($600 for the two items and SGD $100 for the free item).

3. Look at online reviews

Consumers can also look for online opinions on products before shopping to help them know about the quality of certain brands and ensure that they are in good condition.

4. Shop in stores that sell Philips brand electronics

If you are looking for cheaper prices, you can shop at local shops that sell the product such as Yishun Avenue 3 and Marina Square which sell original Philips branded products at a lower price than the original price of the product. For instance, a Philips “Smart TV Plus” package (which has a free gift worth SGD $3,000) can be purchased from Stockade in Yishun Avenue 3 for only SGD $1,000 ($800 for the two items and an additional SGD $100 for the free item).

5. Purchase used Philips products

Another consideration for consumers to look at is that the Philips brand can be found at resale shops in Singapore. For example, the used “Smart TV Plus” package with a free gift (which is worth SGD $3,000) can be purchased from Carousell or private sellers on Facebook Marketplace for only SGD $800 ($600 for the two items and SGD $100 for the free item). This option is especially helpful if you are looking to purchase items that are no longer in production like the “Smart TV Plus” package.

6. Consider buying used items

Philips Electronics items that are slightly damaged may be cheaper to purchase than new ones, as many consumers will seek to replace them with new products. However, you can still purchase and repair these items yourself in order to save even more money. Those who are looking to buy and fix electronics themselves can give Power Trade Centre a look, as it provides refurbished products for a lower price by repairing them first before selling them at affordable rates.

A consumer should not hesitate to look for alternatives to Philips’ brand of products if they desire to purchase items that are within their budget and preference. In addition, consumers can consider purchasing used products as well as using promo codes or vouchers from kiosks, which is also a great way to save money.

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