5 Features You Can’t Avoid While Selecting the Best Online Time Tracking Software For businesses, startups, and companies

the Best Online Time Tracking Software

“The most precious resource we have is time.” – Adam Neumann

Adam Neumann has said well that the most precious resource that we all have in our life is time, so it is a must that we make utmost use of it while doing office work or home errands. When it comes to talking about making utmost use of time at the work, the first thing you as a businessman or an entrepreneur will do is track time and work of your employees and team members.

Tracking daily time, tasks, and work will ensure that all the tasks are being performed in the right manner. But how will you track your employee’s time, work, and efficiency? Online timesheet software? Yes, you have got it right. This software solution has automated all the manual ways of tracking time, daily work, worksheet, wages, and payroll. Using online time tracking software, you can track employee’s payroll with taxes, total time spent on particular tasks & projects, daily in and out time, and holidays & early leaves.

Being a businessman or entrepreneur, if you have decided to adopt online timesheet software solutions for your business, then don’t overlook these mentioned features that make timesheet software successful. So, let’s get started with top features of timesheet software:

  1. Real-Time Tracking & Monitoring

One of the main features that you should look for in the software solution is, real-time tracking and monitoring of employees, their work, their timing, total work hours, lunch & overall break time, and their tasks (be it completed or pending).

Not only will this but the software solution also give a look at your employee’s current tasks and activities, resulting in tracking overall efficiency of your team and members. With constant tracking, you will be assured that your employees are working efficiently that also boost the overall productivity of your company.

In fact, the maximum number of employees in the companies give consent to tracking and monitoring once they know when, where, and how their work is being tracked. In short, tracking will also help you to make a report of tasks that you can share with your clients.

  1. Smooth and Easy to Follow Approval Process

Another important feature of time tracking systems that you can’t avoid while looking one for your company is a smooth and easy to follow approval process. When employees and team members submit a timesheet and worksheet to you or to the team leader, then you as an owner can approve, reject, and look at the timesheet.

According to your business and its daily process, all you can do is define the approval process of timesheets. Not only this you can also ask your clients to share their desired process so that you can approve the sheet in the easiest manner.

In case, if your company has freelancers or outsiders who work for your company on a part-time basis, then you can also have them in your organization. It is a general process that any staffing company follows because employees need approval from the client.

  1. Creating Reports and Share Them With Click

The third most essential feature that makes any timesheet software successful is an ability to create reports and share those reports with clients and other senior members with just a few clicks. Whether it is about work reports, timing reports, project progress reports, new strategies for particular projects, or any other report on your business data, the software allows you to generate reports within just a few seconds.

With a few clicks on the screen, you can create reports with required information. The timesheet solution must allow you to choose from different report creation so that based upon your permission settings, you can determine what reports and data you want to see. In case, if you have any specific report to create, you can communicate with the company and customize it as per your needs.

Once you create your desired reports, you can share it with your client or anyone with a click and get the feedback in real-time.

  1. Real Time Alerts and Notifications

Are you waiting hours in assumption that you have not received the time and worksheet from your employees? You don’t get real-time alerts and notifications when you receive a new timesheet from your employees.

So, if you are looking for a timesheet when you get one for approval, then make sure that your timesheet software has real time alerts and notifications. Notifications through email or any other way will keep you in the loop, allowing you to know when someone you manage has submitted time. As per your priority, you can set the notifications and alerts that you want to receive in your email.

  1. Invoice Generator

Last but not least in the list is the invoice generator. It is a must to have a feature in any timesheet software solution that allows businesses to create invoices in real-time for their clients.

This feature will make it easy for you to invoice your clients from time entries or free-form entry. As an owner, you can easily set up the hourly rates that are being charged for users and all the projects, and accordingly, you can generate the invoice with proper toal.

On a Concluding Note

So, these were some of the main features that any advanced cloud-based time tracking software should have for businesses, startups, and companies. In fact, there are many software solutions that you can access from any PC or mobile device.

Some of the exclusive and advanced features that popular timesheet software offers are invoice & billing, time tracking, expense tracking, reports, PTO tracking & Accrual, real-time notifications, and easy-to-access approval process.

Without having a second thought in mind, you can start looking for the best tracking solution and automate the all process of managing work & time. Apart from this, if you think that we must include some other important features, then your feedback by commenting below. We would love to know your views.

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