5 Tips For Drivers Switching From Paper Records to ELD


The electronic logging device mandate is now here and many truck drivers are having to get to grips with a whole new technology. Here are five tips for any driver trying to adjust to these new regulations.

Choose Your Device Carefully

Choosing the right ELD device for your needs is essential. If you settle on the wrong device, then you could end up with unreliable readings that lead to added costs or even unexpected penalties levied against your business. There are some electronic logging devices that can only be used with one class of vehicle. You can reduce the costs of making the switch by looking for a device that can be used with any class of vehicle.

Make sure that you understand how to operate the device. If at all possible, you should aim to get your hands on one beforehand so that you can try it out properly. It is important that all of your drivers are able to operate the devices and you want something that is easy to teach new recruits about.

Check The Device Before You Start Driving

Before you set out for any journey, it is important to ensure that your ELD is functioning correctly. If you are using a portable ELD then make sure that the batteries are charged and going to last for the duration of your journey.

If you have any problems with your devices, it can ultimately lead to your drivers being fined. If you are experiencing regular issues with any of your devices, then you should remove them from circulation and replace them as soon as possible.

Keep Your Documents Accessible

Your drivers should have easy access to their device manuals at all times. If they experience any issues with their devices while driving, it is important that they are able to diagnose and solve them as quickly as possible.

Keeping the documentation close will also help if your driver is asked to produce any data at the roadside and is unsure how to work the device. Finally, it is a good habit to get your new drivers into, especially if they are new to the devices that you are using.

Keep Paper Backup Records

You should always keep at least eight days’ worth of blank paper logs on hand in your truck, just in case you have an issue with your ELD and are forced to record manually. You are required to keep a transfer guide, an ELD manual, and a malfunction guide for your ELD on board at all times. If you don’t have any of these documents on board then you might be in violation of regulations and open to fines.

Check That The Interface Is Accessible

Before you or your drivers set off on any journey, you need to make sure that your ELD interface is easily accessible. If there is a tablet-style display attached, make sure that it is angled and positioned so that your drivers can safely respond to it if they need to without having to take their attention away from the road ahead of them.

Switching to using ELD devices after a lifetime of manual recording can be jarring at first. May truckers who aren’t familiar with technology have found the transition difficult. However, ELDs are designed to be as simple to use as possible and, with a little practice, anyone can adapt to these devices.

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