Benefits of custom eCommerce app development in a post-COVID world


Mobile apps have effortlessly made their way into our daily lives owing to the convenience they offer us. Right now, people all over the world are facing lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this has led to a spike in mobile app usage. Post-COVID, we can still expect people to follow social distancing rules, and many of them would prefer to use mobile apps for buying stuff, rather than visiting the supermarket, for fear of catching the disease.

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Now, let us take a look at some of the benefits of custom eCommerce app development.

Making your website mobile-friendly

The trend of using mobile apps for commerce is expected to continue after the lockdowns are lifted slowly post COVID. Custom app development can make your eCommerce site highly responsive and compatible with smartphones, tablets, and other devices. You will be attracting more customers this way, as most people will be using mobile devices for doing business.

This way, you can easily manage the content for your eCommerce app without having any prior programming knowledge. You must maintain the quality of your content to bring in more customers.

Customer Loyalty

An eCommerce mobile app is another version of your website, except its highly personalized and optimized to improve user experience. Post-COVID, customers will appreciate having an online store from where they can purchase goods without venturing outside and risk contracting the deadly disease.

With a mobile app, customers have the freedom to buy stuff anywhere, using a program with less loading time. It will attract more customers because, in the eCommerce business, time is money. People using these apps have a low attention span, and they will likely look for other options if a page takes too long to load.

You can serve your customers with personalized suggestions based on their order history. Customers can even access these apps offline to check the prices of different products and compare them.


Using a mobile eCommerce app, you can easily collect and track customer data. These apps allow you to track how users interact with your app, providing you with information like session length, and feedback. It will help you create a more personalized user experience for your customers, delivering significant updates, forming marketing strategies, and promotional campaigns.

High-end Security

If in case, someone launches a cyber attack on your eCommerce platform, you stand to lose a lot of revenue. But by opting for custom app development, you can predetermine what kind of security features you want in your app, and your development partner will include these in the app.

Contactless Payments

Completing payments through mobile apps is extremely convenient, as it doesn’t require you to use credit cards and cash. Post-COVID, people would be wary of dealing in cash, as the disease could quickly spread through such mediums. On the other hand, mobile payment is safer and faster. At a time when people are avoiding touching things, such features will surely be appreciated.

Before choosing a company for developing your mobile eCommerce app, you need to do some background research. You can check for reviews and testimonials online for this purpose.

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