Top 5 Discord Alternatives You Should Try Right Now


From the past few months, many users are switching to its alternatives and there has been a lot of confusing opinions on which one to switch to. So, we heard you, and researched around all the available Discord Alternatives and created a list of some top picks.  

However, the following list includes all free and paid alternates to Discord. So, without further delay. Let us get started.

Discord Alternatives

#1 TeamSpeak 3

Before even Discord entered the market, TeamSpeak was a big name. During that time, most of the gamers were relying on this application for in-game chats and communication over voice. It has the lowest latency, thanks to the opus codec that made it possible to reduce the delay. As a user, we can confirm the claims as it has capabilities out outstand Discord in many aspects including the amazing ‘easy to create servers’ options. It is very helpful to organizations or some gatherings which are taking place to circulate information without needing to deliver on an individual basis. 

To keep things locked and encrypted, TeamSpeak uses an AES encryption that helps to maintain privacy which is a major concern when it comes to conversations.

Availability: Windows, macOS, Android ($1.2), and iOS ($0.99).

Download Link

#2 Mumble

Followed by TeamSpeak, this is another great Discord Alternative worth a download that is Mumble. It is an open-source VoIP service having the same super-low latency calling. It is freeware because is it open source and is widely available on different platforms. It packs in end-to-end encryption of chats and calls, some security features like the authentication features do not allows random entries to a room/ server.

The only downside where Discord surpasses this application is the lack of DDoS protection. It is an overall efficient and lightweight software consuming a mere 20kbps most of the time which still much other software lacks.

Availability: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS as well as Linux.

Download Link

#3 Overtone

Overtone is a great alternate when switching from Discord just because of a familiar and easy to adapt User Interface. It is traced on Vivox which is among the best voice services. Major game developers like PUBG and Fortnite also uses this technology in their games to ensure peak performance. It is an efficient software with minimum consumption of resources including Internet and memory. Some of its features are voice chat, texts, and group chats.

It also has various features to socialize with peers using it AI that suggests nearby, and people with the same taste as recommendations. Additionally, one can run the Overtune without having any client for communication.

 Availability: Windows, Web Browser

Download Link

#4 Steam Chat

You all must be remembering or calling steam as an interface to buy, download, install, and play games. But wait, Steam also offers and very competitive Discord alternative out there in the market. It mainly features like creating groups and chatting over text or calls. To make the entire process hassle-free for new users, it allows shareable links to join the groups which again have decent features like assigned roles to the members restricting certain access according to the roles.

Unlike Discord, it can be used to assign multiple roles to a single user, and it also comes with a client that allows users to enjoy the service without even the need of downloading Stam in the first place

Availability: Windows, macOS, and Linux as well.

Download Link

#5 RaidCall

Last but not the least, we have RaidCall which is again a VoIP application software that allows great and intuitive in-game productivity. It is a very lightweight application if compared to other software without compromising with the features or security. Some of its amazing and outstanding features include up to 100k people in a single group, yes, a 100k.

However, the quality of the audio is not that great but the amount of crowd it handles covers up that. Also, it has some must-have features like huge groups, seamless experience, and support for polls.

Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Download Link

So, this was our list of Top Discord alternatives in 2020.

Have any queries? Comment down below.

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