Top 5 Free Cad Software Worth Using In 2020

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CAD, also known as Computer Aided Design is a software which is used to design and has become an integral part of the world. It lets a user create designs of real-life objects with a wide spectrum of uses. In designing industry, it is used to create smaller parts that are an integral part of big machines. Things like electronic equipment, large machines, dams etc. are made here using small scale models.

Due to the fact that they are used in professional work, they are quite on the expensive side as compared to other software. Before joining a big company and working there as a designer, people tend to do freelance work in the initial years where money is a luxury. In that case, people will not buy expensive CAD software but some cheap and sometimes the freeware version.

Our team went head to head and research the top-notch CAD software worth trying in 2020.

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Top 5 CAD software worth trying in 2020

#1 Fusion 360

For a freshman or a newbie, the best option in CAD software is undoubtedly the best software in the market. One may doubt the features included in the version but you will be glad to know that this software is also developed by Autodesk itself. It was developed keeping small creators, students and hobbyists in mind. It has a lot of features that focuses more on basics of CAD in design & modelling. One can create 3D designs and render without any complication whatsoever.

Also, one can move to CAM and CAE without any can also unify the designs from different projects to create prototypes on a single platform.

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#2 FreeCAD

Free CAD is an open source CAD software made for everyone. It is a top choice of all the engineers and beginners around the globe. If a user has the basics on fingertips with previous experience in any software like Fusion 360, then it is a cake walk. The User Interface is far better than many paid software which makes it stand apart from the other software. It has a parametric model that allows edits at ease.

Python modules can also be used to implement the structures that makes it quite easy for programmers. No doubt, it is a powerful 3D CAD software out there and is widely available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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#3 Thinkercad

This software is really helpful in in creating seamless and simple 3D basic designs at ease. It is so basic that even elementary school kids can create models even without having any prior knowledge in the same. It is also freeware with a lot of great features including 3D printing. This software is light weight software that works on most of the operating systems. One can design electronic tools, code blocks and even create Minecraft models. It also has support for HTML5.

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#4 SketchUp

Now moving on to the professional CAD designing, SketchUp take the game with its powerful and industry leading features.

This software is most popular among interior designers, architects, engineers, game developers etc. no doubt this is a paid software but comes with a free trial for new users and free for all the students and personal users. To avail the free software, one has to use the software on its web platform. In this software, a user creates 3D models, render and save as DWG format which is commonly used format in the field. It has a great open-source library that contain millions of designs and blueprints to add to the project.

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#5 AutoCAD

Here comes the oldest and most popular designing software out there in the market. It has been raising industry standards with every updates and versions. Every company hires an individual who has been working on AutoCAD with ease. This is the reason why major companies drops the idea of making the employee learn AutoCAD after hiring because it takes years of practice to master and create basic and appealing 3D models.

The student version is a bit cheap when compared to $200 a month plan of the same software. In the student version, one can indeed create complex assemblies, metal designs while also being able to simulate them in real time.

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So, this was the list of Top CAD software worth the hype and try in 2020.

Still, have any queries or want more related software? Comment down below.

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