6 Interesting Facts about Reddit

interesting facts about reddit

Are you a Reddit user who always ends up at Reddit posts for finding solutions to the common problems? Yes we are tqlking about the same Reddit. It is the most surfed website when it comes to user communication on certain problems. So, we wanted to share some important facts with you about Reddit. Before we dive into the topic, let us know what is Reddit.

Reddit is a bay of treasures of loads and years of information, latest leaks, tips and tricks.

Today, we will be discussing various Reddit facts that we recently found out during the lock-down.

Some Interesting facts about Reddit

#1 Other names of Reddit which were to be implemented

The following list will be a set of which were send as an attachment from Alexis Ohanian to the founder Steve Huffman while finalizing the name of the website.

Also, the co-founder of Y combinator Paul Graham wanted to name it and the famous Snoo to be removed which is a mascot.

#2 The Investment on Reddit

Initially, the co-founders of Reddit raised a funding of total $12000 to get started smoothly but only a small amount of $500 was spent for the promotions and awareness.

The craziest thing is that the 500 dollars were used as stickers.

#3 The Famous Snoo

In an interview, the founders stated that the Snoo was existing from very beginning when even the basic working of the website was under discussion.

Also, that the Snoo was made during the boring marketing sessions.

#4 The Fake Account stories

The founders also told on an online education website that in the beginning days when the website need the push so they used to create fake ids on the platform just to make sure that the website looks active with new users.

It was because the people were not interacting with the website and it worked well.

#5 The commenting feature introduction

We just cannot accept the fact that initially, Reddit platform was made without comments. It was after six months that the founders thought of putting an option of commenting on the website. One can cross check with the original article by clicking here.

#6 Story of a PhD student

A student named Randy Olsen who is a PhD student in Michigan State University posted a story on how to create a successful Reddit post and the reason why the student got very famous was because the student had researched on over 8,50,000 posts after finally coming to a conclusion.

This was a list of 6 amazing facts about Reddit.

Want to share more facts? Comment down below and we will add to the post if found it helpful and legit.

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