Why Do Students Use Devices For Cheating in Exams?

Exam cheating

Want to Cheat in an Exam Without Being Caught? Academic Cheating is Not as Tough as it Sounds

High technological advancements have enormous advantages. But they have some downsides. While technology can enhance our capacities, it also comes with the ability to disrupt the current order. Sometimes, you might be approaching the exam not fully prepared for some reason or other. It gives you a chill sensation, down the spine, that you are going to flunk! And there is nothing worse than that. In such cases, hi-tech devices for cheating in the exam can help you cheat successfully without getting caught.

Why Do Students Resort to Using Devices For Cheating in Exams?

The common notion is that students who do not want to learn anything cheat. It lets them enjoy their time. And, they can get a good grade without reading the book. Well, it is true. However, there is also another side of the story.

There is no denying that education is wonderful. But, it can turn boring, compulsive, and de-motivating, sometimes, because of a myriad of reasons. In such situations, none can love to study or follow the system.

Picture this. Kidnappers have tied you to a chair in a remote location. They produce some cards with questions on the front side and answers on the flip side. Now they show you the card and ask you to tell the answer. They remind you that you will have a lash for every wrong answer.

As you have no other option, you prepare for the bout trembling. Suddenly, you notice that there is a mirror in the room that reflects the answers. Would you take this advantage silently or tell your abductors to remove the mirror?

It is a tricky situation. But it shows how examinations are conducted. Students are packed in a room and asked to answer questions. They do not have a chance to check where they went wrong or how can they improve themselves. Moreover, grades are the most important thing in the life of a student. They happen to be your passport for everything. People use grades to motivate and punish students. So, whether you like it or not, you have to get grades for securing a job.

Technically speaking, using devices for cheating in exams is wrong. But is it so in the above example? Students become helpless victims forcefully undergoing unreasonable conditions. They hardly know why they learn. Except for a few assignments, they never get inspiration to do those. But they have to meet the demands and expectations of the system. As such, most students prepare for the exam with the sole purpose of remembering the answers for the exam and then forget it.

Moreover, cheating has obvious benefits. As per the prevailing education environment, failure does not entail an opportunity to learn. On the contrary, it gives you a badge of shame.  It forces most students to use devices for cheating in exams for quick success.

Some Useful Devices For Cheating in Exam

You might be wondering to buy a cheating gadget. The following seven cheating devices can help you out provided your helper knows answers to the topics.

  • GSM Card with invisible earpiece: It is a highly advanced no-wire system for successful cheating in examinations. You can use it for examinations where you cannot take your mobile phone inside the examination hall. This undetectable card has the size of a bank card. It comes with a high-performance microphone and works in any GSM network. The battery lasts for around 6 to 7 hours.
  • Inductor Necklace with micro headset: It is very easy to use, and you can use it with any mobile phone. The microphone delivers high-performance, and the small-sized micro headset is 100% invisible in your ear.
  • GSM Box with invisible micro earpiece: It is one of the most advanced devices for cheating in exams. You can use it in exams when you cannot take your mobile phone to the examination hall. Having a size like a matchbox, it is completely undetectable and is compatible with any GSM system. It comes with an auto-answer-to-call facility. It is equipped with a high-performance microphone, and the battery lasts for around 3 to 4 hours.
  • Mini Button Camera to cheat on exam PX-100: It is a great mini video camera for cheating. You can send your examination topics in real-time to the person who will revert with solutions. It does not require any whispering. Because of its small size, one can hide it easily. It works within a range of 50 to 100 meters.
  • BlueTooth with micro headset: It is one of the high-performance devices for cheating in exams. It combines Bluetooth with an MC-2000 Micro-Headset and you can use it with any mobile phone. It is easy to use and includes auto-answer and call-of-the last-number-features. The inductor necklace turns the voice into wireless signals and the headset plays them into the ears.
  • Mini Button Camera To Cheat On Exam PX-500 Pro Xtreme: It is the best video camera for cheating. It can send live HD quality images without any whisper to the person who will help you out. Because of the cutting-edge technology involved, it can transmit images many kilometers away in a few seconds.
  • PX-700 Cheating Camera and GSM Box: It is one of the best devices for cheating in exams It includes a video camera in the button to transmit real-time images of the questions to the helper. And the GSM box helps to receive the answers. The gadget works well for exams on paper and monitor. It has a wide working range. The helper can be in any part of the country or could be in another country.


So, you see how you can use devices for cheating in exams for your benefit. Maintaining academic ethics is an unwritten contract for every student.  We would not recommend cheating in examinations because cheaters only cheat themselves. Still, you have hi-tech ways for that.

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