How to Make a Fountain in Minecraft

minecraft fountain

Often people find it intriguing to make a mountain in Minecraft. The fountain is situated in the front of mansion and it has some switches that are easily turned off and turned on with a click. So, it is easy to make this fountain and to do this, you need to do the following-

Step 1: Things that You Need

What you need is

  • 5 Redstone torches
  • 1 water (or lava bucket)
  • 12 Redstone
  • 1 stone (or wood) button
  • 48 blocks (I used quarts I suggest a white block for looks)
  • 1 dispenser
  • 5 glowstone

Step 2: Dig Down

Dig straight down 3 blocks then dig straight forward 11 blocks length then still going straight make a staircase out of the tunnel you just made.

Step 3: Redstone

  • Now, at one of the end of the tunnel, without the use of the staircase, you need to place 1 block on the ground
  • Then had to place the redstone redstone torch on it
  • Then place redstone dust on the ground of the tunnel leading from the torch to halfway up the staircase.
  • Then place a block over the last redstone dust you placed.
  • Then block up the the hole next to it and place a button on that white block you just placed

Step 4: More Redstone

  • Now go back to where you placed the redstone torch place a block over it then (following the pictures) and a redstone torch over it (the redstone torch should turn off)
  • Now (following the pictures) place another block and redstone torch on top then repeat that step twice more.
  • Then put a dispenser pointing up on top of it all.

Step 5: Pretty It Up

  • Now surround the dispenser and the redstone torches in the block you chose.
  • Now place a block of glowstone on each corner and one 2 blocks above the dispenser.
  • Then put a water bucket (or lava) in the dispenser.
  • And put on the edges on the ground so the water (or lava) does not go everywhere (like in picture three)

Step 6: How It Works

  • So how it works is you push the button and the redstone signal goes to the the dispenser and sets it off and the water or lava goes down the sides.
  • It looks amazing and beautiful and gives you a lot of options to explore it in various ways.


  • Can I make a lava fountain?

Yes, you can do it, you just need to make a 12 by 12 hole and place some bricks. After that, you just need to place some lava on the top of the brick and also in the bottom. So, here you go, your lava fountain is ready.

  • Can I make waterfalls in Mine craft?

You can very well make this waterfall in Mine craft. To do this, first you need to find out a hill, and then dig out some of the parts from the top. After that, fill the hole with water and make your waterfall mine craft is ready to explore.

  • Can you use any type of slab?

Yes, you can use any type of slab and make beautiful patterns and decorate it with the help of slabs.

  • Can I use bedrock to make fountain?

Yes, you can very use the bedrock to make a beautiful fountain so that it looks decorative and mesmerising. You can add stone slab to make the bedrock look awesome.

  • Is obsidian slabbing a good choice?

Yes, you can do that. By doing this, a nice contrast will be established in the surrounding area and the fountain and also make it looks even more beautiful. Also, your fountain will stand out from anything else.

  • How can a red stone be used in the fountain to make a contraption?

A dispenser with observer blocks, and a lever somewhere at the end of the observer chain. In the dispenser would be water. This would create a fountain which you could turn on and off.

  • Can I make a waterfall in the lake?

Yes, you’ll need lots of dirt (300 units) and at least about 64 water buckets. It will take at least 2 hours to make (6 Minecraft days). You can speed things up in creative mode: it will take about 3 Minecraft days and 40 real-life minutes. Thus, it is fairly easy to make a waterfall in the lake.

  • Could you make the fountain as a secret entrance?

No, it is not possible to do so because hindrance will be created by it.

  • Where do I get the obsidian slab?

You can get one but it is not advisable to do that. There are a few commands available in the youtube by doing which you can lower your obsidian block instead of cutting it into two halves.

  • My crafting table won’t work when I try to make fireworks. What’s going on?

Often due to incorrect supplies, this happens. Thus, it is advised to do that correctly so that you do not have to face the problem again and again.


  • Use lava to make a hot tub.
  • Use lava to make a hot or the silver blocks to make the fountain.
  • Don’t use lava and water at once! It will become obsidian with water.
  • To make the scenery more aesthetically pleasing consider adding flowers near the fountain.
  • The pillar inside the spout can be removed, to make it seem as though the water shoots up from the bottom.
  • Try making your first fountain in Creative version, then try to do it in Survival. The reason for using Creative version is so you have all the items you need without having to collect them.
  • You can use lava instead of water, though it is much more dangerous.
  • Experiment with different types of fountains.
  • You can also alternate blocks for a cool design.
  • If you want to make a very deep fountain, invest in water breathing potions.


Thus, you see these are some of the details regarding Fountain in Mine craft. You just need to follow certain things while making fountain. Also, make sure to place slabs perfectly so that you do not have to face any issues afterwards. The tips mentioned above are useful for you to make a good and beautiful mountain in the mine craft. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily make a good fountain.