Snapchat Streak Lost – How To Get Snapchat Streak Back After You Lose It

snapchat streak lost

Snapstreak is a commitment to sharing the fun Snapchat between two friends, but sometimes your Snapchat streak lost, and here is the method to get them back.

Who is not familiar with Snapchat in this era? But Snapchat has changed a lot in recent days. The company aggressively keep making changes in its feature, so it can be hard to keep up with new features. If you are just started over Snapchat ad want to explore some more about this platform, let’s start the debate with “Snapchat streak, frequently known as “Snapstreak. ”


Snapchat wanted to keep people in touch, so it introduced Snapstreak. Snapstreak is a way of exchanging snaps with your friends at least once after 24 hours for several days. This feature has gained much popularity among youngsters, and today everyone is busy updating their friends with the snap streak. Sometimes you lose your precious snap streak, and you wonder why it happens to me? The snap streak will disappear if you forget to last on your commitment and skip a single day. However, the Snapchat app warns you before taking action and gives you remainder through an hourglass symbol on the chat.

How to get back the snap streak?

The process is simple and interesting. You can get your snapstreak by following these simple steps. But if you are feeling that Snapchat is mistreating you and you won’t miss any single day, you can contact “Snapchat support “to get the snap streak back. If you want to get back your snap streak, you can follow these steps:

  1. If you already have the Snapchat app on your device, open it on your device.
  2. Open the settings section and navigate to the support section.
  3. Tap on the help button.
  4. Tap on the snap streak.
  5. Click on the option “let us know why my snap streak has gone.”
  6. Then click on the “My Snapstreak disappear” option.
    snapchat streak lost
  7. Fill out the form on the screen and provide the information.
    recover snapchat streak lost
  8. Tap on Send and wait for their answer.
    recover snapchat streak lost submit
  9. If the hourglass emojis are present before your streak, it means the system will not help you get it back. But if you have a strong case without the hourglass emoji, you may get your snap streak back in a few minutes.
  10. If emoji is displayed before the streak, you can choose another option and honestly include enough detail.

Why did you lose the snap streak?

Snapchat streak is a strong commitment between friends to exchange their snaps every day; the more practical reason for Snapchat streak lost is that you or your friends break the promise and haven’t sent a snap within 24 hours. But it may also be possible that it is not your fault. There may be other issues involved in losing the snap streak.

  • Connectivity issues may plague the app, and you can’t get the snap on that day.
  • Internet issue is also one of the reasons.
  • Server failure may also be the reason that your snaps could fail to send.
  • There is a problem with your device.

Here is how the Snapchat streak work:

Snapchat streak is not a solo effort, and if you want to get back the snap streak, first you should understand how it works? If you want to try an unseen commitment with your friend in your first attempt, we recommend you not to do so. It is better to openly tell your friends that you want to start a snap streak with them. Snapstreak is a gamification act from Snapchat, and the company added this element to see who can make the longest streak in groups of friends.

Snapstreak begins when you and your friend make an unseen strong agreement to send snaps to each other every 24 hours for three days. When you complete this three-day task, a fire emoji display next to the name shows how many days the streaks have lasted.

Snap streak emojis:

Emojis always give you company and frequently pop up on your screen to alert you. All the emojis on Snapchat represent the consecutive days someone spends on the snap streak. But if you miss a day, it will reset to zero. If you are still wondering what do the other snap streak emojis mean in a snap streak, here is the detail:

  • If you see the fire emoji with a person’s name emoji, it means you have been successfully spending three consecutive days on the snap streak.
  • If there is 100 sign that appears with the user name, that means you have been on a Snapchat streak for 100 days.
  • The hourglass emoji will display alongside your username if your snap streak is about to end.

Many people notice mountain emoji appear on the screen, Snapchat does not officially mention the mountain emoji. Still, many users claim that it appears when someone lasts exceptionally long on the snap streak.

Rules for the snap streak:

Rules are simple and basic. Once you agree with your friend, you must follow these basic rules to score high on a Snapchat streak.

  • You must have to send a snap to your friend each day. If you don’t have any specific snap, you can send random snaps like the snap of the door, ceiling, or something like that.
  • Now he has to respond within 24 hours.
  • Simple chat conversations will not count in the snap streak.
  • You can’t make a video call as a streak, but videos sent from snap chat will count.
  • You can’t add more friends because the snap streak is about the individual, not the group.
  • It means the More you dedicate towards social media and snap, the higher your streak score on Snapchat.
  • Everyday stories also won’t count toward your snap streak.
  • Like Facebook, Snapchat also shares your old memories with you from time to time, and this feature will not be considered your score for a streak.

How to increase your snap streak score?

The best method to raise the snap streak is to use the app continuously. With some dedication, you can get a higher score on Snapchat. You have to send different snaps to increase the streak, and you can’t increase your score by sending the same snap multiple times.

You will also get bonus points when you start using the app after some time. Sending and receiving more snaps will increase the streak score.

Find your Snapchat score

As a new user in Snapchat, it is a bit tricky to find out the Snapchat score if you want to know your score.

  • Head over to the profile screen on the screen.
  • Tap on your emoji or top left circle icon on your Snapchat screen.
  • The profile page will display your snap code.
  • It will provide you with all the information, like username, snap score, and zodiac sign.

Final words

Snap streak is a feature that adds more colors to the Snapchat platform. If you want to keep the snap streak alive, send the snap once a day. However, Sometimes it becomes frustrating when your Snapchat streak lost but don’t be exhausted because you can get it back with these useful tricks discussed above. Snapchat support will review your requested farm and bring back your list chat. Typically Snapchat takes around 24 hours to respond and give you a reply after that. They will inform you whether you can get back your streak or not. If you are lucky enough to satisfy them, you will get your snap streak in 24 hours. But don’t make a habit and complete your snap streak commitment, honestly.

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