The Best Cribbage Platforms or Apps for Mobile Users

Cribbage Platforms

Are you a card game fan looking for the best portable Cribbage solutions? Look no further! Mobile devices have allowed us to bring card games, like Cribbage, wherever we go. Whether you’re yearning for an online game against other fans or want something to play in your downtime, plenty of great options are available today.

If you know how to look, numerous platforms and apps are available that allow mobile users worldwide to get their fix of good old-fashioned Cribbage fun and competition. If you’re ready, grab your mobile device, and let’s dive into our list of noteworthy platforms designed for playing Cribbage on mobile devices!

Mobile Playing with Must-Have Cribbage Digital Platforms

Get your daily fix of Cribbage with some of the most played apps and platforms available for mobile users. Play against AI or real people worldwide, and show them your skills! Start with the list below:

Cribbage Pro by Fuller Systems, Inc.

In Cribbage Pro, you only need to set your preferred game options and play. It also offers online and offline multiplayer modes, allowing you to play against AI or real opponents. The app has a user-friendly interface, so you can maximize its potential while you enjoy the full Cribbage experience.

Some Cribbage Pro features include:

  • Online multiplayer features for cross-platform iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac
  • Competitive matchmaking
  • Three difficulty levels for single players
  • Multiplayer Tournament-style game options
  • Over 80 single-player achievements available

If you’re searching for an app that offers modern features without sacrificing the classic Cribbage experience, download Cribbage Pro today! It’s available on iOS and Android platforms, providing convenience to all players!


Besides mobile apps, did you know you can play Cribbage online through web browsers? It’s more convenient for those who don’t want to download and install an app on their phone but want a quick Cribbage session whenever they’re bored or have free time in between work.

Cribbage-Online offers the following features:

  • Quick and easy registration process
  • Choose from three difficulty levels
  • Learn the basics and steps on how to play the game
  • Strategies for newbies to try

With its user-friendly interface and easy navigation, Cribbage-Online guarantees a smooth gaming experience. Simply visit their website to play online today! You can access it on your mobile’s browser for an easy and accessible Cribbage session anytime, anywhere.

Cribbage Club by Nickel Buddy, LLC

A highly-rated mobile app on Android, Cribbage Club offers a straightforward gaming experience for both newbies and pros! It also provides a free Cribbage travel board when playing with friends or family in person.

Cribbage Club’s features include:

  • Play with your cards and use the virtual travel Cribbage board
  • Multiplayer Cribbage against real opponents
  • Go against three computer opponents with varying skills
  • Tutorial mode for beginners
  • Game statistics to keep track of your progress

Through Cribbage Club, you can personalize your settings for more enjoyable card decks and boards. It also offers a single-player version for those days when you want to practice and sharpen your skills! Download it today and experience all its extras for the ultimate Cribbage competition!

Ultimate Cribbage: Card Board by WildCard Games

Ultimate Cribbage is the app for you whether you’re a newbie, mid level player, or someone looking to scale their Cribbage skills. With its ten different difficulty levels, players can improve their strategies and tactics regardless of their skill level. The app also offers a multiplayer mode, so you can play against friends and family online!

It has an automatic scorekeeping feature, allowing you to focus more on developing your strategies by maximizing your hand! You don’t need a Cribbage board because this game’s intuitive interface allows you to play without having to keep score; the app will do all that for you!

Other variants available in Ultimate Cribbage include:

  • Classic Cribbage
  • Muggins
  • Shotgun Cribbage

You also have the chance to surpass daily Cribbage challenges, which will test your skills and keep you motivated! Find the app on the Google Play Store and download Ultimate Cribbage: Card Board now for an unforgettable card game excitement!

Cribbage Royale by North Sky Games

Designed for social gaming, Cribbage Royale allows you to sign up through Facebook for players who want to play on multiple devices! Synchronization is the bread and butter of Cribbage Royale, and it’s ideal for those who wish to access it anywhere – whether it’s a phone, tablet, or your PC!

More features of Cribbage Royale:

  • Regular, 3-Player, Muggins, Wild Cribbage, and Five Card Cribbage game modes
  • Four difficulty levels
  • Statistics are stored in the cloud and can be accessed on any device you log into
  • Daily challenges for more coins

Another outstanding feature in Cribbage Royale is the ability to choose your theme from nine available options, and the newest addition is the Night theme. What are you waiting for? Try Cribbage Royale if you want to keep your stats on record!

Cribbage+ by Anusha s t

Only available on iOS, Cribbage+ is an online game app that lets you pick and play against your friends and strangers worldwide. It follows the classic Cribbage rules but with innovative elements that make it more appealing.

More features to anticipate from Cribbage+:

  • Add new friends to your list in private mode
  • Spin wheel and daily challenges to earn coins
  • Play in private mode or online multiplayer with a stable internet connection

You can also battle against its intelligent AI player. Remember, this game is about experience and intuition and less about math. Therefore, this app is made for those who want the convenience that mobile gaming brings without deviating from the classic gameplay of Cribbage+!


Specially designed and developed for mobile is Cribbage*! Don’t worry if you have vision problems because it has easy-to-read cards that are bigger with a clean and sleek interface. Furthermore, its sound effects are handpicked and made for more relaxation.

Some remarkable features include:

  • Classic Cribbage board for two players
  • Auto-adjusting AI to your skill level
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Detailed crib, hand, and score breakdown
  • Hints for newbies


If you’re searching for a classic game of Cribbage, then this app is an excellent option. It’s only designed for offline gaming, ideal for players who want to hone their skills before challenging real players!

Cribbage Platforms for Virtual Mobile Gaming

Mobile devices have become a valuable tool nowadays, and people prefer them due to their portable and compact features. Mobile game apps and accessible browser games are fantastic options for those who want to bring their favorite game anywhere. The games listed above are the best examples of incredible apps and platforms for Cribbage players to download and access anytime!

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