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BlueHost Coupon Codes

Founded by Matt Heaton in 1996, Bluehost has become one of the most popular web hosting services, currently ranked number one in various review websites and forums. For the many people looking out for hosting services, there is no other alternative for you other than to go for Bluehost. There are thousands of reviews that has been able to glorify the service is provided by Bluehost coupon and the money back guarantee that comes along with it.

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Previous problems for Bluehost :-


CPU throttling: – One of the common problems faced by the initial users of Bluehost was the CPU throttling. Yes, there were a lot of complaints about the server not providing the raw power needed for the website to function properly. In some instances, it was found to be a major deterrent for most of the websites to experience new traffic as the resources would forever be limited. However, as of late, such issues have been completely decimated from the Bluehost stable, and happen to make for a wonderful innovative aspect within the hosting services provided by them.

Mergers:- Looking back in 2010, Bluehost was merged with its sister concerns, Hostmonster and Fastdomain, and went on to become a profitable institution. However, just six months into it, Matt went on to resign as the CEO of the new phone company of Endurance International Group. However, since then, Bluehost has been able to witness a lot of good business support and acumen, and they stand as one of the largest providers of hosting solutions to people all across the world. Currently, they are powering more than 2 million websites all across the world, and no longer is the only designated shared hosting provider by bluehost coupon code. They now offer three levels of services for hosting, namely shared, reseller, and dedicated hosting along with VPS solutions.

However, relying solely upon the reviews is not the prerogative of a customer; rather you would need to look into the kind of features and advantages to having the server of Bluehost to host your website. With frequent updates, accurate information, as well as genuine user feedbacks taken into account, Bluehost is definitely one of the most proactive hosting servers that you can find in the market.

Advantages And Disadvantages :-

  • Excellent server performance
  • Speed
  • Wonderful control panel with easy access
  • User support
  • Unlimited plans
  • Renewal rates pretty expensive

Advantages Of Bluehost: –

As a customer, it is always important for you to know about the advantages of using a hosting service over the other. Let’s lay down some of the advantages of using Bluehost;

  1. Excellent server performance :- The Bluehost web hosting service is perhaps the only web hosting service that promises and 99.9% uptime and continues to maintain that come what may. This is easily one of the most able web hosting services that you can find in the market, and with the uptime facilities, it is definitely a worthy conclusion to all the hosting charges that it subscribes to from its customers.
  2. Speed :- With new parameters introduced by the Google algorithm in order to increase or decrease the ranking of a website for a particular keyword, the speed of a web host also plays a very important part in the ranking. It goes without saying that Bluehost has some of the best beads on offer when it comes to hosting services. According to the latest results, it has been able to score about 23 ms from the United States West Coast, and 26 ms from the United States east coast server, which is astounding for a shared hosting provider. Scoring an overall B ranked category in the server tests, Bluehost is certainly a humongous provider.
  3. Wonderful control panel with easy access :- The control panel of the Bluehost is extremely easy to use, and very user-friendly. It also contains a host of useful add-ons and applications along with the one click solutions that enable you to extract the very best out of your hosting service.
  4. User support :- The Bluehost server solution comes with a forum that accumulates a lot of user knowledge that relates to proper customer support. It has a comprehensive amount of data on all kind of problems faced with the server and the website, and you would be able to get appropriate solutions to all your problems within the website itself.

Disadvantages of Bluehost: –

Just like any other service, Bluehost is not perfect; it has its own set of disadvantages. Let’s have a look at some of them;

  1. Unlimited plans :- Please do not be fooled with the unlimited tag that you find in the plans. As a user, you need to know that unlimited is only up to a certain level. For instance, you need to go through the user agreements as well as the usage policies and the definitions within the website to understand what “unlimited” transforms for that particular server plan.
  2. Renewal rates pretty expensive :- Even though you might be looking at discounted services for the first year, the renewal rates are pretty expensive, going to increase about 90% of the original rate for the promotion price of sign up. However, this is a norm for most of the hosting solutions that provide an annual plan or a short-term plan, and will definitely come with its own set of intricate details and problems. As mentioned, it is pretty easy for you to understand about handling the issue in the best manner possible by putting aside a budget for such hosting solutions.

Bluehost Discount Offers :-

If you look all over the Internet, you find yourself coming across discount offers and Bluehost coupons aplenty. One thing is for certain, that Bluehost is certainly one of the most coveted hosting solutions in the market. Now, you can kill two birds with one stone by going for Bluehost hosting plans, and making use of the Bluehost discounts in order to get a comprehensive decrease on the pricing of your hosting plans. This can help you to save a lot of money, particularly if you are going for the long-term hosting solutions.

As of now, there are a lot of Bluehost coupon floating around in the market. Some of the common ones include;


  1. 30% off on web hosting + free domain


  1. 50% discount on hosting plans
  2. 30% discount on reseller web hosting+ free domain

VPS hosting: –

  1. 50% discount on hosting plans

And a lot of other Bluehost discount coupons. However, it will always be recommended to go for a long-term plan with the discounts as it adds to a lot of money saved over a longer period of time. For example, if you go for a discount for only one year plan, you end up saving a few dollars, but the renewal prices are going to increase after your plan is complete. Then, you would need to pay the regular price. Instead, if you go for a long-term hosting plan with the same discount, you want to end up saving a lot more money.

Bluehost is all about providing you with a comprehensive hosting solution to all your pertinent website needs. You need to follow the guide mentioned in the website so as to get an idea on the kind of server that you need and talk to the representative in case you have any doubts about Bluehost. Make no mistake, this is by far the most user-friendly and the best hosting service that you can find for your website given the current market.


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