Top 10 Test Data Management Tools in 2022

Test Data Management Tools

Big data’s growing influence in organizations is driving initiatives to process data smartly and consistently. While most organizations have their capturing and storing management systems in place for production data, QA lacks equivalent focus. Known as Test Data Management, TDM tools plan, design, store and manage test data provisioning. Until now, TDM practices were mostly confined to large-scale projects. However, with the advent of IoT, the discipline is gaining ground in small-/medium-scale initiatives.

In the following list, we discuss the top 10 TDM products, actively helping businesses to streamline their test data for faster, and more agile, development cycles.

1. K2View Test Data Management (TDM)

K2View Test Data Management quickly provisions test data subsets, with full referential integrity, from any number of production sources, based on pre-defined rules. K2View TDM enables testing teams to spend less time retrieving and preparing test data, and complete testing projects more quickly, and at higher quality. It can be embedded in a DevOps CI/CD pipeline, and also be used for Shift-Left Testing.

The solution extracts all data associated with a particular business entity (e.g., customer) from the appropriate production systems, and synthesizes missing data as needed. Afterward, in-flight data masking protects sensitive data before it is delivered to the test environments.

Now, K2View tops the list because it ensures the provisioning of high-quality test data on-demand, in minutes. TDM is part of the K2View data fabric ecosystem.


DATPROF provides a full suite of products required in the Test Data Management lifecycle. It includes tools for data masking, test data integration, test data subsetting and a platform for data provisioning. By unifying all tools in one product, DATPROF eliminates the complexity and offers the following ->

  • Users can manage the test data in multiple environments through a centralized dashboard.
  • A self-service portal for testing users can directly request the data they need.
  • Supports multiple third-party integrations and several database providers.
  • Fully compliant with security regulations.

The built-in self-service portal enables the teams to refresh their test environments and perform on-demand integration of data provisioning with CI/CD pipeline using the APIs.

3. SAP Test Data Migration Servers (TDMS)

German giant SAP’s strong foundation in data analytics needs no introduction. Just like their vast ERP landscape, the TDMS platform too offers flexibility and works seamlessly with new environments such as the HANA cloud. It creates a test data subset and a non-production environment for development, testing, and training purposes. Moreover, it reduces the infrastructure expenditures and required storage space in the testing environment by an enhanced data extraction efficiency.

Not to miss, the SAP TDMS server ensures qualitative testing by providing the latest, actionable and user-sensitive data in the training system.

4. IBM Optim Infosphere Test Data Management

While we are at it, IBM’s Infosphere Optim TDM is known for fast delivery speed and thus abbreviating costs by a significant margin. One of the first TDMs in the business offers an accelerated iteration of testing tasks, covers more use cases, and thus assures persistent revenue generation. With a focus on qualitative tests, IBM’s data masking and security tool work in total compliance with varying business system landscapes. It supports a diverse range of systems such as LINUX/UNIX, Windows, ERP Solutions, and custom build apps.

5. Informatica

Informatica is one of the most reputed business intelligence platforms and its TDM tool is a testimony of the same. Not only does it assure data quality and privacy but also provides robust synthetic data generation competency. It offers stronger masking and enables organizations to achieve their testing goals with automated test data provisioning. Besides on-demand provisioning, Informatica’s smart monitoring & reporting dashboard are among the key highlights. It offers a free trial. However, an uncertain price range and poor UI are a few of the drawbacks that have debarred it from topping the list.

6. Testim

By the conventional definition, Testim may not be a TDM tool. That is simply because it uses a very different approach for testing data. It is governed by an AI algorithm that automates the end-to-end test data lifecycle. Such a data-driven testing mechanism makes it an ideal choice for systems streaming big data. It performs all the tasks of a traditional TDM tool such as masking and filtering of test data sets and benefits from the latest data feeds. Moreover, Testim provides a clear demarcation of data sets such as visual editor, configuration file and external sources such as the database or attachable formats (.CSV, Excel etc.).

7. CA Test Data Manager

CA Technologies’ Test Data Manager excels in high-performing subsetting, masking, and matching of test data. It provides a repository for generating, storing, and reusing data sets that can be used as and when required. Moreover, it ensures high synthetic data generation without affecting the flexibility quotient of the tool. Like most tools from its parent company, TDM offers a user-friendly interface and simplified functionality.

CA TDM’s acquisition of DataMaker has further upscaled its stature in the industry. The tool is also known as the DataFinder or Agile Designer.

8. VTestCenter

VTestCenter is most popular for its efficiency in generating in-the-moment test reports. The tool is scalable for business teams of all sizes such as small groups or large QA departments. Not only does it confirm data consistency and reusability in time but also works perfectly with different specifications, implementations, and execution types.

VTestCenter’s interface can be easily integrated with existing landscapes. It provides a cockpit function for instant access and management of relevant data. The multi-user platform assures concurrent integration of test scripts, models, and test results.

 9. Micro Focus Data Express

Micro Focus is an automated test data environment that improvises the test results and abbreviates the costing. With a focus on securing customer data from breach or misuse of any sort, it optimizes the delivery pattern while operating within strict privacy compliance policies. The TDM solution automates processes to create and manage a product-like environment. It is known for reduced timelines in extracting large amounts of distributed data making it an appropriate fit for apps dealing with big data. Besides, it reduces cost through shared data extraction rules and lesser storage requirements.

10. Testpad

Testpad is one of the most user-friendly TDM tools available. It is a lightweight application best suited for small to medium-scale business test data requirements. Businesses that have just ventured into smart test case management should start their journey with Testpad. Besides a user-friendly interface, Testpad provides hierarchical checklists, smart reporting, flexible testing, and onboarding guest testers.


The proliferation of big data is requiring enterprises to include TDM in their data strategies. While the abundance of solutions is an encouraging sign for the business, the shortlisted tools listed above are field-proven at large enterprises worldwide. Comments welcome!

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