Top Android App Development Tips For Developers

Top Android App Development Tips For Developers

In recent days, the fastest-emerging market in the Mobile Applications Development field has certainly been Android. It is convenient to become an Android developer. However, it is difficult to be a successful Android developer and to stand out from the rest. It requires a lot of dedication, passion, hard work, and endurance to become a great Android developer.

The primary requirement for a successful Android application development journey is to figure out the room for improvement. By determining the downfalls of the current products, it becomes easy to look for what next action is required! It is the exact aspect to make the most of it.

When you know what you need to develop, the next step should be to prepare the most simplistic design that would eventually attract more users. It is a well-known fact that users are not willing to do too much of brainstorming while using an app. Thus, having a complicated user interface will lead to users swaying away from the app.

Similarly, there are many aspects that developers need to know to be successful application developers. The following tips can help developers to begin a smooth app development journey:

1. Identify area for development

There are a plethora of questions to look for areas that need improvement, for example, which type of services or products are not being offered by Android apps, which services can make an app better, and the category or function for which the number of Android applications is least. Comprehensive research is essential to look for answers to all the above-mentioned questions.

This is also one of the ways to uncover a vacancy in the market to capitalize on. It is a requirement for attaining the goal of Android application development. Otherwise, the application will be considered a redundant app on Google Play Store.

2. Design a simple app and focus on its functionality

Simplicity is a key aspect of each application but its functionality also plays a vital role. No matter to which category your app belongs, its functionality determines how to maintain the app’s reputation as well as engaging new users. Since there are usually many apps which compete with your app, the ultimate difference can be seen with the ease of use factor.

Apart from user-friendliness, personalization, and exclusiveness are the other prominent factors that contribute to the app’s success. Keeping functionality the main factor, it becomes easy to avoid making a complex application.

3. Identify the Scope of Integration

Developing a simple application does not imply that extended services cannot be offered to your users. One of the effective ways to keep an app convenient to use yet appealing for the users is to engage in strategic integrations.

Rather than including peripheral functionalities into one app, it is a good idea to have one or more complementary applications to make it user-friendly along with other attractive features.

4. Be familiar with internal the Android framework internals

It is not about the documentation but referring to the original framework code. It has been seen that many application developers were not willing to dive deep into the Android framework internals; however, it is not a good approach and developers need to refrain from doing it.

Instead, it is fascinating to learn how things work in real and how various pieces fit in a proper frame. For improving Android games, dive into Android SDK.

5. Read more code written by other developers

Usually, developers start writing the code with the knowledge they already have, and they do not spend time reading the code written by other developers. But, it is not a good approach to grow as a successful Android developer.

One of the incredible ways to become a better developer is to read the excellent codes written by experienced developers. Other open-source apps and libraries can help in discovering a host of coding methods and feature implementations that you are not aware of beforehand.

6. Develop optimized Apps

Users are never fond of apps that take a lot of time to open or process or even apps that take up unnecessary phone space. The processing speed and the overall device memory consumed by the app are also considered crucial factors in deciding the success of the app. Generally, new developers incorporate unnecessary objects and variables in the app which further results in decreasing the app’s processing speed drastically.

7. Compatibility with Multiple Devices

Android has the flexibility feature that enables the same app to be used on multiple devices. However, an android app developer can’t test the app on each device. Thus, to retain the compatibility of the app with the various devices, it is beneficial to use density-independent pixels. After that, Android, itself calculates the appropriate dimensions of pixels which depend upon the screen size of the device.

8. Keep Security on priority

Since nowadays people are completely dependent on smartphones to do their routine as well as occasional activities, these smartphones are the prominent target of hackers. Therefore, an application that has poor security standards can be an easy gateway for hackers to get their hands on users’ devices.

If there is a single such incident, it can completely deteriorate the reputation of the Android application development services. The bottom line is that it is crucial to keep the security aspect at the top of your application development concern list.

9. Become a Member of Developers’ Communities

Being a member of developer communities, developers get the opportunity to have a great platform for knowledge sharing and keep themselves updated with the latest technologies. When they become part of the most active android app developer communities, it can help them to learn about the effective practices from the experts themselves. Thus, it is always in favor to join a community for developers.

10. Comprehensive testing of the App

It is never recommended to release an app before doing its proper testing! If developers do such a thing, they do a blunder because a bug-free Android app is an asset; so the developers need to take care of certain measures to develop the desired app.

To ensure the development of an error-free app, firstly, alpha testers need to do thorough testing and after that, the app should undergo beta testing. During the testing phase, developers can get to know about the flaws and inconsistencies which they can correct before the final release of the app.

There is indeed no shortcut to becoming a successful developer; it requires a lot of passion, hard work, and dedication. Besides, there is no end to a goal since every goal is integrated with another goal. Thus, if you are a passionate Android developer, you will not see any end to your career goals because every day there are new updates to Android OS.

So, keep learning and be familiar with the upgraded technologies that can help you to be a great Android developer.

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