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Authentic and trusted web hosting service is important for a website holder as it offers genuine information, business and customer relationship to the business. In today’s technology grasping environment, businesses are getting digitalised and they are showing their information through internet. With the help of a website, a customer can check its products and services day and night. A web hosting company provides all the necessary reasons why a website holder needs website hosting. Even the business holder can use web hosting services to plan new marketing scheme or to provide information related to the new products to the customers. Among various hosing services, WP Engine is one which is reliable and popular as its uses WordPress software. This website has reached to providing hosting services to millions of customers in a very small time and this is because they run through WordPress.


WP Engine web hosting was founded in the year 2010 and also they have shifted their office from Austin, TX to other regions like London, San Francisco and San Antonio. The WP Engine is offering three kinds of Premium services, two levels of dedicated hosting. They all are optimised and managed by WordPress. There are several other good features like testing and staging is also offered through WP Engine.

Why WP Engine

While choosing WP Engine as your hosting partner, you would be very happy as it offers customer oriented services. They are best-in class service provider and the topper in providing innovation driven technology. The WP Engine is also recommended by many people and this is the reason it has over 50000 customers in 120 countries. It also offers powerful security; stunning speed and the service provider are running on WordPress which is a beneficial advantage.    

They have expertise in providing web hosting services and innovation of offering quality and dedicated services through engineering staff and labs and with the help of technology. Also, they have good mix of all the reasons to understand your issue and to help you out with a perfect solution.

Impact over business

WP Engine is reliable and you will come to know about its advantage during downtime. This is a time when your website is restricted and customers are unable to access it. This time can last from few seconds to long hours too. If you are choosing a right web hosting service such as WP Engine then you will be able to go for little or no downtime. For a business, website is everything and during downtime, their customers are unable to fetch the information or to make purchase. If your website is getting downtime multiple times in a day, then it means you are losing your business.  Through this way, it will leave a negative impact on your customers as they will leave attention on your website.

When you are selecting this web hosting service, all you need to do is to tell us the volume of your business and how much traffic you are expecting. Without overloading the system and without interrupting traffic of customers on the website, this web hosting will offer a larger site for all your purposes. If you are running your website through WordPress, then WP Engine would be very genuine web hosting service for you. However in case if you want to be sure about the same, you can check this independent web hosting service provider’s review and customer feedback before buying it. Also, there could be an option that you may receive some discount coupon codes too at the time you purchase this service.   

WP Engine Coupons Code

This is a reliable web hosting service provider but the reason is that many businesses use them for the first time. This is the reason that many of the customers this deal could be very much costly. Many new firms which comes up in the market, web hosting is a costly thing to them as they need to invest their money in a website. They are also not sure about the business if they will receive from them or if their investment would be just a mere deal. To avoid all these questions, WP Engine is coming with some crazy deals. A customer can get some coupons which will offer them discount while using the services of for the first time.

A beginner will get a WP Engine Coupons Code of discount through which he can redeem a discount of maximum 50 percent by the company for first three months. This could be a fair and valuable deal for the first time businesses. All a person need to do is to follow certain steps to get the coupon code:

  1. You have to copy the code which is visible on the website.
  2. You need to enter to the main website of WP Engine where you will get the coupon code and you will get the proper information of the discount that you received on the services.
  3. You need to select the plan and also have to click apply.
  4. Conformation of the hosting plan, selecting additional services, choosing the subscription period and then you has to enter the information and billing details.
  5. You need to confirm the plan, check the discount details, check that the information you entered is right and knowing the terms of service and privacy policy, you have to click on Create My site.        
  6. Now you are ready to get the services of web hosting from WP Engine.

Here you can also read the review and other plans too to which you can upgrade if important. It is very important to select the plan very carefully as plans are also based on the volume of traffic that you receive on the website. However, before selecting them, you need to be sure. You need not to think only for the budget but of the other costs that you need to incur if you have to involve large web hosting service. There is one thing that to be noted that you can add one more WordPress installation to your selected plan but you need to pay its monthly fee. You can also contact WP Engine contact through which you can check come exclusive plans or any other information if you wish if the plans mentioned are not fitting to your expectations. There are many more features too:

  1. A person can pay the bills on a monthly basis.
  2. WP Engine bills are referred to be paid only monthly and annually.
  3. Only hosting fee is required over WP Engine and no domain registration fee is required.
  4. One can pay through various payment options such as credit card, debit card and net banking. However, it does not accept the payment through Paypal.
  5. The WP Engine also offers a 60 days money back guarantee only. Here customers have to understand that the money back plan is only available on the standard services only. No any third party services or non standard services are involved in the money back guarantee plan.
  6. The WP Engine Coupons Code are valid for only three months and after that the normal charges will be applied.


There are different plans which WP Engine is offering and this is the reason that businesses or individuals have to understand them before purchasing.

Personal: This personal plan is available with which you can run only one website. It can also be useful for testing WP Engine for a bigger project. Many developers, marketers and creative are utilising this plan to check the powerful technology and bulletproof customer service that is available with every plan. A customer will have to pay $29/month for 60 days and he will get 1 installation, 25k visits per month, unlimited data transfer and 10 GB local storage. You can get good discount with the use of WP Engine Coupons Code.

Professional: Professional plans are offering flexibility in offering hosting to your clients, if you have to manage one site with the help of steady traffic and to run smaller sites. If you are looking to take your work to the next level, WP Engine is there to help you. Here, you will have to pay $99/month where you will get 10 installations, 100K visits every month, 20 GB local storage and unlimited data transfer.        

class=”s1″>Business: If your business is your passion and you are ready to take it to a next level while offering assistance to your customers, then the Business plan of WP Engine would be very effective. This will offer higher installation limits and you can get a cutting edge technology feature such as GeoIP and will offer high traffic too. You need to pay $249/month for this where you will get 30GB local storage and 25 installs will 400K visits per month.  You can get good discount with the use of WP Engine Coupons Code.

Premium and Enterprise Grade: If you want to rise up your want, if you are looking to offer scalability, security and reliability to your business, then you should go for these two plans respectively. They are dedicated plans which offer flexibility and power of dedicated resources and its multiple servers offer load balancing feature too.  With up to 150 install, they are available with 1 million and 5 million visits per month. However for the plans price, you need to ask help through their customer care.  


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