How to Start a Successful Dating Blog in an hour? – Blog when you DATE!

A blog is almost an ideal form of self-expression. This is something like a personal diary, where the author shares his thoughts and experience. However, the blog has one more important advantage: it can be monetized. Modern bloggers who devote enough time to their work, earn well, doing their favorite thing.

If you are reading this article, then you were also visited by the idea of creating a personal blog about the relationship. In fact, regardless of the chosen topic, the algorithm for creating a blog is almost always the same. Today we will review the main points that will help you launch your blog in an hour!

What do you need to know before creating your own blog?


Do you think that for success you need to go through dozens of courses on copywriting? This is not true. The simpler and more understandable you will be, the more likely you are to succeed. Be closer to your readers. Communicate in their language. Write as you normally do.

The second mistake: you think that you need to be an expert to start blogging. A good option is a description of attempts to succeed in a particular occupation (design it in the form of cases). Instead of a dry theory and instructive tone, people prefer stories – ups and downs, mistakes and successes.

So, you do not need to be an expert on the topic and a cool copywriter. There is only one thing that you need to have to start – a passion for your topic. You must burn with it, have a desire to disassemble everything in the cogs. To dream, how you do what you write about. Is this about you? Then you can create your own blog.

Believe me, you’ll find your readers.

Where can I blog for free?

Blog for free

You have 2 options for creating a blog: using free services and registering your own domain.

Let’s speak about the 1st option. What are its disadvantages?

You will receive a website address of the following form:, Not very nice, do not you agree? Of course, you can purchase a more beautiful domain and connect it to your site, but you will have to pay money. Minimum – for the domain, and sometimes the platform itself – for the connection.

Limitations in the addition of additional plug-ins, uploading photos and videos, changing the appearance, creating an archive. Prepare yourself for the fact that you can’t realize some of your brilliant ideas.

The blog does not belong to you. It will be posted on a foreign web resource. And if the owner of the service complains about you, they can delete the blog. Irreversible. It hurts.

On the other hand, free services are suitable for starting a writing career and testing your idea. Then you can transfer all the information to a new site on your hosting and domain.

How to start blogging?

Think of a theme and name. Determine what you want to write about. We have a detailed guide on how to start a blog.

It can be:

Hobby, interests: cooking, traveling, fashion, sports, cars, dating etc.

Life experience. Tell about lessons, lifehacks, share your knowledge.

A personal blog. You can write about everything: everyday things, thoughts, news. But still, try to stick to 1-2 topics.

Make a portrait of your reader. Who is this man/woman? Of what age? What does he do? What looks and reads? Describe in detail the person for whom you are writing the texts.

Now select the name that your audience understands. Add keywords for which you will find readers.

Having identified with the topic, audience, and domain (we strongly recommend using free services for blogging), you need to write your first post.

Best if it’s a welcome text. Tell about yourself and why you decided to blog. Write one more post – already directly on the blog topic. If you have difficulties with this, use an obvious technique: look at the topic on other blogs devoted to similar topics. Do not be afraid to do this: this method is used by the vast majority of bloggers.

Here is a good theme for a post that you can write in an hour: “how to tell if a girl likes you through a text”?

If you manage to write a good article on this topic, you will immediately begin to benefit readers and your blog will be successful from the first minute.

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